What I Can Do For You
My office can help you with any state-related issues. 
I am here to:
  • Represent you in the legislative process.
  • Act as a balance of power when dealing with bureaucratic obstacles created by the government.
  • Help you resolve government-related issues. 
My office can also:
  • Assist with the processing of motor vehicle and driver’s licensing paperwork.
  • Obtain copies of House and Senate legislation.
  • Access information regarding state services.
  • Provide state-related informational literature, state maps, and tour guides.
  • Distribute application for higher education grants and various professional programs.
  • Answer questions regarding state taxes, tax law and taxpayer rights.
  • Answer questions and provide posters in regards to Labor Law, Minimum Wage and Unemployment Compensation. 

For personal assistance, please visit, call or write me. The “Contact Me” tab on the left side of this page will provide you with addresses and phone numbers to my offices. You may also e-mail me by filling out the “Tell Me What You Think” form accessible via the “Contact Me” tab.

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