Committee Chairmanship

Republican Majority Chairman, House State Government Committee

Legislation is referred to the committees by the Speaker of the House. Legislative issues and bills that are typically referred to the State Government Committee include, but are not limited to:

·         The Election Code and Voter Registration Act

·         Immigration reform

·         Proposed amendments to the Pennsylvania Constitution

·         The Sunshine Act

·         The Public Officials and Employee Ethics Act

·         The Regulatory Review Act

·         “Official English” legislation

·         Legislative redistricting

·         Statewide initiative and referendum

“A common theme shared by our federal and state Constitutions is that government was specifically designed to ensure justice in our society by protecting the rights of individual citizens,” said Chairman Metcalfe.

A schedule of upcoming meetings and a list of legislation that is currently in House State Government Committee is available here.

Video recordings of House State Government Committee meetings can be viewed here.