Metcalfe Stands Up for PA Taxpayers, Rejects Backwards, Unbalanced State Budget
HARRISBURG — House State Government Committee Chairman Daryl Metcalfe (R-Butler) issued the following statement after once again taking a stand to protect Pennsylvania taxpayers by voting against a $32 billion spending plan (House Bill 218) that was sent to the governor’s desk:

“Adopting a budget without first determining how to pay for it is not a luxury that any responsible family or private sector employer can even consider when managing their finances, unless their goal is bankruptcy.

“The backwards, unbalanced spending plan that was advanced to the governor’s desk today is a not a sustainable financial plan for this Commonwealth. Final passage of this year’s $32 billion state budget, which spends more than $400 million over last year’s budget, without first determining how to generate the revenue necessary to pay for it, is Groundhog Day all over again.

“Last year, on June 30, I stood up for taxpayers by voting against a bloated $31.9 billion state budget which also passed without first determining the necessary revenue to pay for it. On July 12, the governor ignored the Constitution and the rule of law by allowing this blatantly unbalanced budget to become law without his signature.

“The most unfortunate result for PA taxpayers came the next day in the form of a final revenue package that included a $752.3 million tax increase, which Wolf had absolutely no problem signing into law.

“With the passage of the amended version of House Bill 218 this afternoon, Pennsylvania taxpayers should brace themselves for even more irresponsible financial management of their state.

“I will continue to oppose any budget that calls for increased taxes, irresponsible spending and the confiscation of more income from taxpayers’ pockets.”

Representative Daryl Metcalfe
12th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

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