Metcalfe Brings House Bill 357 to National Nullification Fight
Right to Bear Arms Protection Act would criminalize federal firearms confiscation
HARRISBURG — With a growing number of states taking action to nullify unconstitutional executive orders from the Biden administration, Representative Daryl Metcalfe (R-Butler) has once again introduced his Right to Bear Arms Protection Act (House Bill 357) that seeks to make any additional federal gun control laws unenforceable within the Commonwealth.

“There is no question that ongoing, unprecedented sales of firearms and ammunition, as well as record numbers of concealed carry permits being issued, are a direct and legitimate response by law-abiding citizens to protect themselves against the deadly violence and chaos that continues to plague Democrat-controlled cities across America,” said Metcalfe. “These marketplace transactions also serve as an effective counter measure to offset the extreme firearm confiscation agenda now rabidly being pursued by Joe Biden and the fanatical leftist- controlled U.S. Congress. The overriding intent of my legislation is to force any gun-grabbing federal official to count the costs of unconstitutionally denying Pennsylvania citizens their God-given right to keep and bear arms in defense of themselves, their loved ones and their property.”

Similar to legislation previously introduced in Wyoming and Texas, Metcalfe’s Right to Bear Arms Protection Act would:

• Prohibit enforcement of any new federal registration, restriction or prohibition requirement for privately owned firearms, magazines and ammunition.
• Require the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, including the Office of Attorney General, to intercede on behalf of Commonwealth citizens against any federal attempt to register, restrict or ban the purchase or ownership of firearms and firearms accessories which are currently legal products.

Final enactment of House Bill 357 would mean that anyone — even federal agents — who try to enforce any type of new gun control restriction within state borders would face arrest and be charged with a felony offense.

“Article 1, Section 21 of the Pennsylvania Constitution makes it crystal clear that no level of government, especially the federal government, has any authority whatsoever to question or impose senseless, life-endangering restrictions on law-abiding firearms owners, or worst of all, the confiscation of legally owned firearms,” emphasized Metcalfe. “Whether by White House executive orders, congressional fiat or judicial activism, passage of House Bill 357 will send the undeniable message that federal gun-grabbing constitutes a criminal offense in Pennsylvania.”

Representative Daryl Metcalfe
12th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

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