Fiscally Conservative Lawmakers Hold The Line: $27.3 Billion Total Spending for 2011-12 State Budget and No More

Pennsylvania House State Government Committee Chairman, State Representative Daryl Metcalfe (R-Butler), and 22 other fiscally conservative lawmakers issued and signed the following letter addressed to Pennsylvania taxpayers today in regard to the 2011-12 state budget:


Dear Pennsylvania Taxpayers:


House Republican Leadership deserves credit for crafting and advancing to the state Senate a fiscally-responsible state budget (House Bill 1485) with reduced spending compared to last year’s budget and no tax increases. These proposed spending reductions are the first step in the right direction to continuing the decrease in state government spending.


In the interest of protecting YOU the taxpayer from the dangers of excessive government spending, and to further enable Pennsylvania’s economic recovery and future job creation, we the undersigned fiscally conservative members of the House Republican Caucus are opposed to any future or amended budget legislation that exceeds the $27.3 billion spending limit established by both Governor Tom Corbett’s original budget proposal and House Bill 1485.


We will continue our work to advance fiscally conservative policies that hold our state government accountable and to protect taxpayers’ rights to financial security.


For fiscally responsible government,


Representative Daryl D. Metcalfe


Representative Kerry A. Benninghoff


Representative Tom Creighton


Representative Scott E. Hutchinson


Representative Curt Schroder


Representative Ryan Aument


Representative Stephen Bloom

Representative Jim Cox


Representative Bryan Cutler


Representative George Dunbar


Representative Joe Emrick


Representative Seth Grove


Representative Rob Kauffman


Representative Tim Krieger


Representative David Maloney


Representative Scott Perry


Representative Kathy Rapp


Representative Brad Roae


Representative Todd Rock


Representative Justin Simmons


Representative Will Tallman


Representative Dan Moul


Representative Matt Gabler


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State Representative Daryl Metcalfe

12th District, Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Contact:  Ty McCauslin
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