Metcalfe Confirms 39 States Spend Fewer Days Working for Government than Pennsylvania Taxpayers

HARRISBURG — Americans for Tax Reform (ATR) Pennsylvania Caucus Chairman, State Representative Daryl Metcalfe (R-Butler), announced today the following, unfavorable results of the 2011 Cost of Government Day Report.


Every year ATR calculates the Cost of Government Day (COGD), the date of the calendar year on which the average American worker has earned enough gross income to pay off his or her share of spending and regulatory burdens imposed by all levels of government.  This year’s national COGD is Friday, August 12, 2011.  


Unfortunately, the Cost of Government Day for Pennsylvania taxpayers falls three days after the rest of the nation, on Monday, August 15, 2011.   This means that Pennsylvania taxpayers must work 227 days during 2011 to pay off their federal, state and local taxes.   In 2011, taxpayers in 39 states spent fewer days working to pay off the cost of government than Pennsylvania taxpayers.  


“The Cost of Government Day Report serves as yet another grim economic indicator that all levels of government need to get off the backs of Pennsylvania taxpayers and out of our pockets,” said Metcalfe.  “This year’s results also reveal that there is much more to be done to reduce the waste and inefficiencies that run rampant in our government, with the Department of Public Welfare being a prime example.”


As a signer of the ATR Taxpayer Protection Pledge, Metcalfe has voted against every tax increase considered by the Pennsylvania General Assembly since taking office in 1998.  

“Regardless, if an individual tax or fee increase is levied on workers, consumers, property owners or job creators, the ever-increasing expansion of government inevitably leads to the same results: lost jobs,  less personal income and individual citizens sacrificing more of their God-given, personal liberties,” said Metcalfe.   “In order to move Pennsylvania’s Cost of Government Day forward, rather than backwards, all elected officials from the municipal level to the governor’s mansion to the White House need to recognize that government manipulated economies are always inferior to those fueled by economic freedom, savings and private sector investment.”


State Representative Daryl Metcalfe

12th District, Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Contact: Ty McCauslin


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