Metcalfe Calls on Pennsylvania Taxpayers to Demand Permanent Defunding of Abortion Providers
HARRISBURG—Pro-life lawmakers and leaders from across the Commonwealth and the nation joined with State Representative Daryl Metcalfe (R-Butler) to officially introduce his legislation to prohibit Planned Parenthood and all other abortion-on-demand providers from receiving taxpayer funding (House Bill 2405).

“Across the United States, Planned Parenthood performs an abortion every 95 seconds on 91 percent of all the pregnant mothers that walk through their doors,” Metcalfe said. “For every one adoption referral made by America’s largest abortion-on-demand provider, 391 babies are aborted. Each year, Planned Parenthood aborts more than 320,000 innocent lives and over 16,000 of those abortions occur in Pennsylvania.”

Focused on improving the quality of health care for women, the legislation will not reduce the level of public funding allocated for woman’s health services and is completely consistent with existing state law that prohibits taxpayer funded abortions. The Whole Woman’s Health Funding Priorities Act states that: 

        • The Pennsylvania Department of Health would be directed to prioritize authorized 
          family planning funding to health care entities that can best provide 
          comprehensive health care to women. 

        • Public entities such as health departments would receive the highest funding 
          priority, followed by non-public hospitals and Federally Qualified Health Centers; 
          rural health clinics and lastly, non-public health providers that can provide 
          primary “Whole Woman” care. 

        • Under no circumstances would the Department of Health be permitted to enter 
          into any contract or provide grants to any entity that performs non-federally 
          qualified abortions. 

        • Pennsylvania’s Office of Attorney General would be granted full jurisdiction to 
          enforce the provisions of this legislation.

“Regardless of their position on abortion, Pennsylvania taxpayers must no longer be forced to subsidize the loss of innocent lives,” said Metcalfe. “In reality, women in Pennsylvania will be healthier and the children safer when we permanently defund Planned Parenthood and its anti-family agenda. I encourage every taxpaying Pennsylvanian to contact his or her respective state lawmakers and demand an end to all state funding for Planned Parenthood through final passage of the Whole Woman’s Health Funding Priorities Act.”

State Representative Daryl Metcalfe
12th District, Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Contact: Ty McCauslin
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