Metcalfe Reiterates Call for Pennsylvania to Exercise States Rights By Rejecting Obamacare Health Exchanges
HARRISBURG — House State Government Committee Majority Chairman, State Representative Daryl Metcalfe (R-Butler), once again called for Pennsylvania to stand for liberty and oppose the creation of a state health exchange, as called for by Obamacare.

“State health exchanges are a blatant attack on taxpayers and a continued violation of our Constitutional rights,” said Representative Metcalfe. “Pennsylvania needs to stand together with the states that have already opted out of the exchanges to protect our citizens’ freedoms and pockets from this accelerated spending nightmare.”

In July 2012, Representative Metcalfe signed on to a letter with over 40 members of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives urging Governor Corbett to opt out of the costly state health insurance exchange and expanded Medicaid provisions.

The full letter to Governor Corbett can be viewed here.

State Representative Daryl Metcalfe
12th District, Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Contact: Ty McCauslin
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