Metcalfe Postpones Campaign Finance Laws Enforcement Hearing

HARRISBURG —House State Government Committee Majority Chairman, State Representative Daryl Metcalfe (R-Butler), today announced the postponement of Wednesday morning’s previously scheduled hearing on the enforcement of Pennsylvania campaign finance laws to continue his ongoing and informative research.    

“My staff, including staff attorneys, and I have examined provisions of our Election Code that require registration and reporting by individuals and entities that make campaign expenditures and receive campaign contributions,”  said Metcalfe.  “Our initial reading of the law still stands; Pennsylvania law covers reporting of expenditures to influence the outcome of elections.”

As part of his initial efforts to plan for the announced June 12 House State Government Committee public hearing and to thoroughly research this important matter, Representative Metcalfe and his staff  met with staff of the Office of Attorney General.  Additionally, staff sat down with representatives of the Department of State. 

“The Office of Attorney General has offered to assist us as we continue to examine the substance and enforcement of the law, as well as what appears to be a history in which few campaign finance and election complaints have been referred to the Attorney General,”  said Metcalfe.   

The Office of Attorney General had agreed to send a representative to the hearing, as well. 

“I appreciate the Office of Attorney General’s willingness to provide input,” Metcalfe said.  “The Secretary of the Commonwealth and the Department of State also possess first-hand knowledge of election administration and this is information that only she or her staff can and should provide to members of the General Assembly. We received written testimony from the Department of State and will be expecting their participation in a future hearing.” 

Representative Metcalfe’s office also contacted The Pennsylvania District Attorneys Association and expects to receive input later in the summer, after the organization’s executive committee examines the matter. 

“Given the effort that has been committed to this important issue thus far and the research and information that is forthcoming, I believe that the best use of taxpayer resources is to continue our research and gather additional input prior to holding a hearing,” said Metcalfe.  “I am postponing the June 12 hearing.”

While there may be a hearing on this issue sooner, a September hearing covering a broad spectrum of election issues is being planned.

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