Schooling Governor Corbett
“Mr. Metcalfe should worry about his own business,” said Governor Tom Corbett in a Butler Eagle article dated July 3, 2013. He was responding to my comments regarding his failure to complete the budget on time this year, due to his spending too much time on his other proposals before the Legislature. In the same article, he also claimed that the budget was “on time.”

The budget deadline is June 30 of each year. On July 1 of this year, I was still in voting session to cast votes on bills that are part of the budget package. On July 3, the Senate considered and rejected the fiscal code bill, which was one of the budget package bills passed by the House of Representatives. Then, on July 15, the Speaker of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives called us back into voting session to vote on the fiscal code bill to complete the budget process of 2013.

I agree with the Governor on two of the three proposals he offered to the Legislature for consideration. I agree that we should get the state out of the liquor business by privatizing the state stores. I agree that we should change the government pension systems to be more like private sector retirement plans so that we can protect taxpayers. I disagree with the Corbett gas tax increase proposal that could increase gas taxes at the pump by 28 cents per gallon. His proposal would also funnel hundreds of millions of dollars into mass transit, rather than roads and bridges.

I have served in the Legislature during four gubernatorial administrations. I recall one of our leaders during the Ridge Administration proclaiming to the House Republicans that we had to support Ridge because he was “our Governor.” Then when Rendell became Governor the cry from one of our leaders was that we had to support his proposal because he had the pen and he was, “the Governor.” As a member of the legislative branch, I have a constitutional responsibility to work as a balance of power to the other two branches of our state government. I opposed Ridge’s use of tax dollars for stadiums. I opposed the Rendell tax and fee increases. I oppose the Corbett gas tax increase.

“Mr. Metcalfe should worry about his own business.” I have a message for Governor Tom Corbett: state government is my business and I will continue my fight to protect hardworking taxpayers! 
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