Not Backing Down
An attack website was launched against me last week by an anonymous source. The day after I learned of the attack, anonymous robo-calls were made into Butler County homes to promote the misleading and deceptive website. They even called my Capitol office.

Based on the content of the site, it seems that the anonymous deceivers disagree with me on many issues. Their libelous attacks will not deter me from my work to protect taxpayers, defend our constitutional right to bear arms, protect marriage between one man and one woman, and stop the harmful impact of the illegal alien invasion in our state and nation.

They also seem to object to my efforts to stop the damaging impact that public sector unions have on our economy. The government should not collect union dues at taxpayer expense and no citizen should be forced to join or pay dues to a union. I assure you that I will continue to fight for public unions to be transformed back into public servants. The government pension systems must also be reformed to protect taxpayers and teacher union strikes must be stopped to protect property taxpayers from losing their homes.

There are many powerful special interests who are not accustomed to having anyone stop their ability to have government pick the taxpayers’ pockets on their behalf. Right-to-Know requests for information about me were submitted this summer after my successful efforts during the budget debate to stop the Corbett Gas Tax Increase and the ObamaCare expansion of Medicaid in Pennsylvania.

Then, this deceptive and libelous website was announced just one week after I joined with Americans for Prosperity at a press conference to denounce Corbett’s plan to expand the welfare state in Pennsylvania under ObamaCare. The governor’s plan would add more than 500,000 people to taxpayer-funded health insurance plans. This would potentially move us from one in six Pennsylvanians on welfare health care to one in four Pennsylvanians.

The Corbett Gas Tax Increase legislation that was passed in the Senate earlier this year by a vote of 45 to 5 is expected to be brought up for a vote in the House this week. While the majority of the public discussion about the bill has been centered on funding for roads and bridges, the legislation will also deliver hundreds of millions of dollars to mass transit and even money for bicycle trails. Mass transit is used by only 5.3% of Pennsylvanians to commute to work, but it currently receives funding that equates to about 25% of the money that is spent on roads and bridges.

I believe that our state government already collects enough from taxpayers! I believe that mass transit already receives more from the taxpayers’ pockets than it should and that it should be funded more by riders than by the citizens who chose to drive their own vehicles. I believe that we should reprioritize spending, reduce welfare spending, and responsibly ensure that our core infrastructure of roads and bridges are funded with NO Corbett Gas Tax Increase. I will continue my fight to protect hard-working taxpayers. 
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