Standing Up to Bullies
Liberals in both major political parties resort to slander and libel when they are not able to defeat their opposition through legitimate political debate. Their politics of the personal destruction of their adversaries in a civil society should cause one to reflect on how they would act in a society unrestrained by our Constitution and the law.

During the June budget debate, I led the opposition of the Corbett Gas Tax increase and the ObamaCare Medicaid expansion in Pennsylvania. Both of these tax and spend initiatives will confiscate billions of new tax dollars annually from our citizens. What will the tax and spenders and the beneficiaries of this type of government expansion attempt to do to someone who stands in their way?

Last month, during our fourth consideration in four days of the gas tax increase legislation, I stood and spoke out in defense of taxpayers against the historic gas tax increase. When I finished speaking and returned to my seat, I was told by a colleague that an email had been sent out against me. The email was sent from a fictitious name and address. The content was a libelous attack on me, my family and my faith. On the same day, a second anonymous automated telephone call was delivered to homes in my district to promote the anonymously created, libelous website that I wrote to you about in September. Based on the content of the email and the phone call, both were from supporters of the gas tax increase.

During the summer, I joined colleagues in calling on the Attorney General to abide by the law, which requires her to defend the constitutionality of all lawfully enacted Pennsylvania statutes. Then at a September House State Government Committee public hearing on the State Ethics Act, I asked the State Ethics Commission to investigate the Attorney General because her twin sister received a promotion and a 20% raise while working for her administration. I have since introduced a resolution to impeach the Attorney General for her refusal to comply with the law and the Constitution.

My call for her impeachment elicited a reaction from her and the Senate Democrat minority leader that were both unexpected and unprofessional. Their actions fit the liberal play book of personal destruction politics.

The Attorney General released a press statement insinuating that I am a bully. Then the Senate minority leader used his time on the Senate floor to attack my reputation, calling me a bully over and over again. I have recently been informed that a third telephone call has been received by area residents from someone accusing me of being a bully.

Since the Senator launched his tirade against me in the Senate chamber, I asked the Speaker of the House to allow me to respond to his attack on my reputation under the special rule of personal privilege.

A bully is someone who uses a position of strength or power to impose his will on someone of a weaker status, in an unjust manner. The bully preys on someone who is weaker with the intent to commit an injustice.

A bully is not someone who proposes to use the constitutional authority of impeachment to reign in the misbehavior of someone elected to a statewide office. A bully is not someone who encourages the legislature to stand up for the rule of law.

There is a book entitled Bullies: How the Left’s Culture of Fear and Intimidation Silences America. The writer makes the case that the left uses the word bully to actually bully their opposition into silence. Liberals also misuse many other words such as bigot, homophobe and xenophobe in an attempt to create fear and intimidation amongst their opposition. The fear of the damage that labels can have is used in an attempt by the left to bully “We the People” into acceptance of their radical liberal agenda.

I will not be silenced. I will stand up for the rule of law. I will defend the Constitution. I will continue my fight to protect taxpayers. 
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