Combating Leftist-Activists
A Democrat Pennsylvania judge who heard arguments against our voter identification law last June, after delaying the hearing for his vacation, finally made his ruling on January 17, 2014. In an activist partisan maneuver, he struck down the law as unconstitutional.

On Monday, January 27, the Governor’s administration filed a 40 page appeal to his ruling. The arguments made against my legislation have been very similar to arguments made against the Indiana voter ID law, which our law was modeled after. In 2008, the U.S. Supreme Court declared Indiana’s law to be constitutional.

On Wednesday evening, the Pennsylvania Cable Network aired a panel discussion on the voter ID law between an ACLU attorney involved in the challenge to my law, a law professor, and myself. The panel discussion seemed to be more like a debate between me and the liberal attorney.

As Chairman of the State Government Committee, I have received convincing testimony that leaves no doubt that Pennsylvania has a history of election fraud. As recently as 2008 and 2009, we have witnessed prosecutions of ACORN staff in Allegheny, York, and Chester counties for election law violations. Voter identification is a commonsense measure to help restore integrity and confidence in our elections.

Last fall, I was one of 10 nominees to the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO’s “Hall of Shame.” After an online election, I won the unsolicited honor of being inducted into the union “Hall of Shame” because of my support for making Pennsylvania a right to work state, authoring the voter ID law, and defending marriage as between one man and one woman.

On Monday, union members showed up at the Capitol in force to protest House Bill 1507. I am a cosponsor of this legislation that will change the law that currently allows taxpayer resources to be used for the collection of public sector union dues. I do not believe that it is fair to Pennsylvania taxpayers that their resources are being used to benefit private political organizations, such as the public sector unions. Former legislators are currently sitting in prison because they used taxpayer resources for campaign purposes, yet our law allows taxpayer resources to be used to collect money for the public sector unions.

This Thursday, approximately 20 union protesters showed up unannounced and picketed outside of my Cranberry Township office. In addition to House Bill 1507, they also expressed their opposition to my voter ID law and my efforts to stop the ObamaCare Medicaid expansion. I am sorry that I missed their visit because I had not yet returned from the Capitol. I would have enjoyed discussing the protestors’ concerns with them, although I would not have had a sympathetic ear. I will continue my fight to protect taxpayers!
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