Ending a Corrupt Union Practice
No taxation without representation! An idea from the founding of our nation was that citizens should not be taxed by their government without having a representative voice in the decision to take more from the fruit of their labor. As citizens, we may disagree with how our tax dollars are spent, but under our constitutions we are provided with an elected voice to represent us. If our elected representatives do not reflect our views, then we can hold them accountable through the election process.

Currently, private political organizations are allowed to use our tax dollars to collect their members’ dues. Private political organizations that are not accountable to the taxpayer use taxpayer resources to collect their money that is used for political purposes. Our state law is seriously flawed and it violates the basic foundational principle of Americanism. Private political organizations that oppose liquor store privatization, oppose reducing welfare spending, oppose government pension reform, and support ObamaCare Medicaid expansion are using our tax dollars to collect the money that they use to oppose the policies we support and support the policies we oppose.

In addition, they are also using taxpayer resources to collect their political action committee money from their members. This money is used in political campaigns to support or oppose candidates!

As they should have been, legislators, and even a Pennsylvania Supreme Court justice, have been prosecuted for using taxpayer resources for campaign purposes. But under our current state law, public sector unions are allowed to use taxpayer resources for campaign and political purposes. This is wrong!

I support House Bill 1507, which is drafted with the intention of ending this corrupt practice of allowing public sector unions to use our tax dollars to support candidates we do not support and oppose policies that we do support.

On Wednesday, I will speak at an Americans for Prosperity rally in support of protecting taxpayers from this corrupt practice. Then on Thursday, as Chairman of the House State Government Committee, I will convene a hearing on this important legislation.

This issue, like so many others, needs grassroots support to become a reality. The unions have bought the Democrat legislators at a wholesale price and then they purchase some Republicans at a retail price to gain a majority in various policy considerations. Citizens must make their voices heard to end the corruption of the public sector unions.

The Commonwealth Foundation recently sent a mailing to many households in Pennsylvania about this issue and framed it as “Right vs. Wrong.” I agree with them!
I will continue the fight to protect taxpayers and to end this wrong, corrupt practice of allowing public sector unions to use our tax dollars against us!
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