House State Government Committee Moves Monumental Legislation Banning Cash Gifts
HARRISBURG — House State Government Committee Majority Chairman, Representative Daryl Metcalfe (R-Butler), announced on Monday that the committee has successfully advanced his legislation that bans cash gifts to elected officials and public employees. Metcalfe’s legislation received unanimous bipartisan support.

Broader than other similar legislation, Metcalfe’s legislation prohibits legislators, other public officials and public employees who are subject to the provisions of the Public Official and Employee Ethics Act from accepting gifts of cash. The cash gift ban applies to officials elected at all levels of government, as well as public employees and candidates for public office.

“Passage of this bipartisan reform legislation would bring an abrupt end to one of the oldest and most blatant forms of political prostitution that has absolutely no place in the public service arena,” said Metcalfe. “By advancing this long-overdue legislation, the Pennsylvania House State Government Committee has taken a far-reaching and monumental first step toward protecting taxpayers at all levels of state and local government from being constantly victimized by the insidious, corrupting influence of cash gift bribes.”

Metcalfe’s legislation bans “cash” defined as “United States currency and coin and foreign currency and coin.” This legislative change would not apply to cash gifts provided by close family members or personal friends when the motivation for the gift is of a personal nature.

Metcalfe’s legislation now advances to the full House for consideration as an amendment to House Bill 1872, which was also unanimously advanced by the House State Government Committee on Monday, to establish new legislative gift and transportation/lodging/hospitality financial reporting thresholds.

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