Chairman Metcalfe Sends Open Letter to Gov. Wolf Challenging Refusal to Release Taxpayer-Funded Stack Report
HARRISBURG — House State Government Committee Majority Chairman Daryl Metcalfe (R-Butler) sent the following open letter to Gov. Tom Wolf today challenging the most recent denial for the public release of the Office of Inspector General’s conduct report on Lt. Gov. Mike Stack:

“Dear Governor Wolf:

“As you may know, I recently filed a request, under Pennsylvania’s Right-to-Know Law with the Office of State Inspector General, for a copy of the report regarding Lt. Gov. Stack’s treatment of state police and staff.

“I felt that this action was necessary as you, Gov. Wolf, have refused to release this report paid for by taxpayer resources regarding the misconduct of an elected official. The Office of State Inspector General denied my Right-to-Know request, and I am filing an appeal to this denial as I feel that the public has a right to view the contents of this report.

“The inspector general’s task to investigate waste, fraud and abuse in executive agencies is one of vital importance. Unfortunately, it appears that you view the position of the inspector general as a shadowy, secretive position designed to serve your political purposes, instead of a position designed to play the pivotal role it should have to shine light and expose misconduct in government.

“The inspector general’s duties are not solely to conduct internal investigations which never reach the consciousness of the citizens of the Commonwealth. Act 29 of 2017, which statutorily established the Office of State Inspector General, declares that the inspector general shall issue public reports. The Office of the State Inspector General should have publicly released this report after the investigation concluded.

“Despite the Office of State Inspector General’s denial of my request, the Right-to- Know Law contains a provision which allows a document to be released if the agency in question feels that the public interest in accessing the document outweighs any interest favoring restriction of access. Surely after considering this matter, you must conclude that the taxpayers, voters and citizens have a greater right to this information than any reason you might have to keep it from them.

“Gov. Wolf, you have claimed that you do not see anything to be gained by ‘piling on’ to Lt. Gov. Stack and his wife by releasing this document. To the extent that the report contains any individual’s private medical information, this information can be redacted, while still giving the public access to this important document involving the misconduct of an elected official.

“You made this issue a matter of public concern, Gov. Wolf, when you publicly asked the inspector general to conduct this investigation. The lieutenant governor’s conduct has received scrutiny and media attention after you took the step of removing his protective detail and a number of his staff. To deny the citizens of this Commonwealth access to the details of this investigation into a matter of public concern is entirely unacceptable.

“I request again that you immediately release this taxpayer funded report, and reconsider the role of the inspector general moving forward.”

Representative Daryl Metcalfe
12th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: Ty McCauslin
717.772.9979 /

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