Metcalfe-Shepherded E-Verify Job Protection Bills Push Pennsylvania One Small Step Closer To Arizona-Modeled Immigration Reform

Concerned Commonwealth citizens answer the call to protest against all tax increases  

Hours after leading the 2010 Pennsylvania State Capitol Taxpayers’ Protest, State Representative Daryl Metcalfe (R-Butler) called House passage of two bipartisan illegal immigration reform bills (House Bills 1502 and 1503) one small step forward in protecting American lives, liberty and property against the illegal alien invasion. 

“Pennsylvania taxpayers are currently footing the bill for no less than $728 million annually to clothe, feed, educate, medicate and incarcerate 140,000+ illegal alien invaders,” said Metcalfe, who recently introduced Arizona-modeled legislation (House Bill 2479) to provide state and local law enforcement with full authority to apprehend illegal aliens for deportation and several other sweeping reforms. “Requiring contractors and subcontractors to confirm the legal working status of their employees through the free federal E-Verify program is one small step forward to shutting off the economic faucets that draw illegal alien invaders to Pennsylvania in the first place.   However, especially when compared to Arizona, Pennsylvania is still miles away when it comes to implementing a total solution to protect our lives, jobs, liberty and property against the illegal alien invasion.” 

Seconded in their introduction by Metcalfe under House Bills 1502 and 1503 any contractor or subcontractor who fails to verify the Social Security numbers of both current and new employees could be barred from state projects, or in the case of private construction, face forfeiture of their state licenses and certifications.  According to the final results of a recent KQV Radio/Pittsburgh Tribune Review poll an overwhelming 93 percent (1,466) of a total of 1,571 respondents support Metcalfe’s Arizona-modeled immigration reform legislation (House Bill 2479) becoming law in Pennsylvania. 

Earlier on Tuesday, Metcalfe and a united no tax increase coalition welcomed concerned citizens who again descended on Harrisburg for the all-day 2010 Pennsylvania State Capitol Taxpayers’ Protest

“The way to grow our economy is not on the backs of taxpayers, but through reducing every taxpayer’s burden,” said Metcalfe.  “This year, your efforts have already forced Pennsylvania’s outgoing Spend-a-holic governor to publicly throw in his towel over his growth-killing proposal to impose the state sales tax on 74 tax-free everyday household items, business and consumer services.   With ultimate victory clearly in sight, we must continue to hold each and every state lawmaker accountable to provide absolutely NO Representation for Increased Taxation until a final state budget that truly Puts Taxpayers First is enacted.”     

Rep. Daryl Metcalfe
12th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

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