Right to Work

Right to Work is an issue of individual freedom. Without a Right to Work law, Pennsylvanians are deprived of the basic freedom to choose which private organizations they will join or financially support.

The Pennsylvania Open Workforce Initiative (House Bills 50-55 and 1050) is a legislative effort to protect the individual freedoms of hardworking Pennsylvania citizens, our schools and our economy.

With an ever-increasing majority of Right-to-Work states, there is no denying that job-creating businesses which pay family-sustaining wages consider Right-to-Work laws a non-negotiable factor in determining which states to locate and which states to leave.

Best of all, the total taxpayer cost of making it illegal to force Pennsylvania workers to pay union dues as a condition of employment is absolutely ZERO. There is much more to come on our new momentum to make Pennsylvania America’s next Right-to-Work state!