Right to Work
Right to Work is an issue of individual freedom. Without a Right to Work law, Pennsylvanians are deprived of the basic freedom to choose which private organizations they will join or support.

The Pennsylvania Open Workforce Initiative (House Bills 50-53) is a legislative effort to protect the individual freedoms of hardworking Pennsylvania citizens, our schools and our economy.

America’s 22 Right to Work states consistently lead the nation in all aspects of real economic growth and overall quality of life. Nine of the 10 of Chief Executive Magazine’s “2010 Best States to Do Business” have a Right to Work law.

Right to Work is the real economic stimulus plan. It is a zero-cost initiative that makes a lot of sense.

Notable Quotable

"The framers of our Constitution did not intend for our government to become an enforcer for unions. Working men and women should have the freedom to join a union if they choose and to leave that union when it is in their best interest to do so," said Representative Metcalfe.
"They should not have to fear losing their jobs or not being able to provide for their families because of forced unionism."



Employees Should Not Be Forced
to Pay Union Dues to Work

Bills Would Restore
Employees Rights

Latest News

Metcalfe, Lawmakers Introduce Zero-Cost Legislative Package to Protect the Right to Work and Stimulate Job Creation