No Tax Increase Petition
Governor Wolf wants to impose the largest tax increase in Pennsylvania history! Pennsylvanians from across the state would be affected by his proposed increases in the personal income tax and sales tax. He also wants to eliminate over 40 current exemptions to include items such as diapers and caskets. This cradle-to-the-grave mentality is not the foundation that our state was built on.

While Wolf hides behind a façade of reform, he really has a desire to confiscate and redistribute the wealth of hardworking taxpayers. Our Constitution was founded on the principle of a limited government enabling citizens to enjoy the fruits of their own labor, not living off their neighbor’s hard work. Each year, the budget should be fiscally responsible with no tax-increases to protect every taxpayer in the Commonwealth.

We the undersigned citizens of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, stand together to demand that our lawmakers reject the Wolf tax increase, the largest tax increase in PA history, by supporting a NO tax increase state budget.

Download a PDF version of the petition here or fill in the online version below.