Small Business Resources
By contacting my office, you can find assistance with starting or growing your small business. My office can act as a balance of power when dealing with the bureaucratic red-tape of government.

I bring my military and private sector experience with me to Harrisburg and consistently fight to reduce and prioritize spending; reduce taxes and reform state government.

I am multiple-year award winner of The Pennsylvania/National Federation of Independent Business Owners (NFIB) Guardian of Small Business Award, due to my 2009-2010 100 percent pro-small business voting record.

I also regularly visit businesses in the 12th District, so that I can fully represent my constituency in Harrisburg. If you would like to schedule an appointment for me to visit your business, please contact my Cranberry Township district office.

For more information about how I can assist you, your employees and your business, please view my Small Business Brochure.

If you are opening a new business in the 12th District, please contact my Cranberry Township district office to pick-up your “Starting a New Business Packet” today!

Representative Metcalfe visits with constituent Bernie Elder
 to discuss state-related issues impacting small businesses.

Other Small Business Resources

Taxpayer Advocacy Panel - The Taxpayer Advocacy Panel is an organization dedicated to helping the IRS address important taxpayer issues and improve customer satisfaction.

Pennsylvania Small Business Development Center

Pennsylvania Small Business Development Center, Duquesne University

United States Small Business Administration, Pittsburgh District Office 

Keystone Opportunity Zones