Aug. 24, 2020

HARRISBURG – Representative Daryl Metcalfe (R-Butler), Senator Doug Mastriano (R-Adams) and several other state lawmakers gathered on the state Capitol steps today to present a Declaration of Suspension (excerpted below) that would effectively dissolve the governor’s tyrannical abuse of emergency powers (Act 323 of 1978).

“Under the authority of Article 1, Section 12 of the Pennsylvania Constitution we, the General Assembly of the Commonwealth, declare the immediate suspension of the Act of Nov. 26, 1978, P.L. 1332, No. 323, known as the Emergency Management Services Code, as amended (hereinafter Act 323 of 1978).

“Article 1, Section 12 of the Pennsylvania Constitution grants all power of suspending laws solely to the legislative branch. It does not allow or provide for judicial or executive branch interference in the suspension of laws.

“Just as the Declaration of Independence announced the birth of our great nation in 1776 in defense of our inalienable rights, a Declaration of Suspension shall protect and preserve the constitutionally affirmed rights of our citizens today.

“When in the course of world events, it becomes necessary to dissolve law by exercising foundational powers granted by the people through their Constitution, then we feel compelled to declare the causes which impel the suspension of Act 323 of 1978.

“The history of the present governor of Pennsylvania and his agents is a history of repeated injuries and usurpations, resulting in the establishment of tyranny over the people and businesses of the Commonwealth.

“Our duty to God, our duty to our fellow citizens and our duty to uphold the Constitution compels us to declare by the authority vested in the Legislature in Article 1, Section 12 of The Pennsylvania Constitution, the immediate suspension of Act 323 of 1978, Pennsylvania’s Emergency Management Services Code.

“We, the Pennsylvania General Assembly, appealing to the good people of this Commonwealth, solemnly publish and declare that this state and its people are free from all adherence to Act 323 of 1978, the Emergency Management Services Code, and that all executive orders and actions stemming from said code are totally dissolved.

“This declaration shall be deemed enacted following the reception of a majority of signatures from the duly elected representatives of the people from each of the co-equal chambers of the Pennsylvania General Assembly.”

Representative Daryl Metcalfe
12th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

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717.772.9979 /