Apr. 06, 2021

HARRISBURG – Recently a freshman Democrat lawmaker, representing portions of Montgomery and Philadelphia counties, was caught on surveillance camera leaving a suspicious gift bag at the state Capitol office door of Rep. Daryl Metcalfe (R-Butler).

The anonymous bag was left on a Saturday afternoon, while the Capitol remained closed to the public by the governor. The following Monday morning, a staff member found and opened the bag which contained a used-looking mug reading “Enjoy Every Snowflake.”

Metcalfe dismissed this incident as another example of less-than-honorable liberal Democrat behavior and further proof that he is effective in opposing the lawless leftists who are attacking the liberty of Pennsylvanians.

“This amateur special delivery pales in comparison to the most unhinged liberal bad behavior that I have ever witnessed,” said Metcalfe. “Those who cannot understand the why or how should, in this case, consult the liberal media.”

In his Philly Clout (Dec. 28, 2018) column, the Philadelphia Inquirer’s Chris Brenneman insightfully concluded:

“Metcalfe is an ultra-conservative Republican from Butler County’s Cranberry Township, 18 miles north of Pittsburgh and 266 miles west of Philadelphia. But he’s been known to live rent-free in the antagonized minds of progressives across the state.”

A few months earlier in an NBC Philadelphia feature story, Metcalfe’s imprint on the intolerant, internet doxing psyche of Rep. Brian Sims (D-Philadelphia) was made perfectly clear:

“Sims’ office is decorated with a range of items, including a Little Mermaid lunchbox...In a conference room across from his office is a cutout of the face of Sims’ self-described ‘nemesis,’ State Representative Daryl Metcalfe, hanging over a board with some of his office’s legislative goals.”

Returning to the present day, Metcalfe continues to make lasting, memorable impressions inside liberal minds by sponsoring resolutions calling for the impeachment of gun-confiscating Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto, the inevitably disbarred and incarcerated for perjury, former state Attorney General Kathleen Kane, and most recently, Gov. Tom Wolf—who many consider America’s most liberal governor.

Pre-dating Sims decorating his office with Metcalfe’s image, on April 5, 2015, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported: “Kane pointed to a different framed picture near her desk, a political cartoon,” of Metcalfe. 

“The majority of all COVID-19-related fatalities that have claimed nearly13,000 souls across this Commonwealth are directly connected to Wolf and his former health secretary’s unconscionable order to admit infected COVID patients into Pennsylvania nursing homes and long-term care facilities,” said Metcalfe, regarding his latest impeachment resolution (House Resolution 56). “This all-encompassing impeachment resolution is by far the most practical option available to hold Tom Wolf fully accountable for his Orwellian abuse of emergency powers that have inflicted far more harm than the virus, decimated our economy and continue to violate so many of our most fundamental rights and freedoms.”

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